Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Classic Song 7 - Traffic "Shanghai Noodle Factory"

Let's talk about classic music.

And let's talk about the classic composer, musician and singer,
Steve Winwood, who has blazed a trail so bright, throughout
his storied career, that we fans all, at one time or another, have
basked in the afterglow of his incredible and inimitable talent.

When I first heard "Shanghai Noodle Factory", recorded and 
released by Traffic in 1969, I had to relisten to the song, over and
over again, just to try to make sense of the quirky subject matter,
not to mention trying to figure out the musical content.

The endless relistens didn't necessarily make the lyrics' message
any clearer, but they DID confirm one thing: this music was very
different from anything else I was listening to, at the time, and I
memorized and internalized its every musical nuance.

After over 40 years, since its release, this song is still fresh to me, 
and although I still don't fully comprehend the storyline, I can
quote the song's lyrics, verse after verse.

Check it out, after looking up up up at the Eye of God.

Mozz the Elder


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  1. A great track. I always pair it with Medicated Goo, although the lyrics aren't as obscure. Both were on "Last Exit", the last album before Dave Mason (guitar, vocals, song writer) left the band.