Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Classic Song 12 - Love "The Everlasting First"

Let's talk about classic music.

Now, how about some music I doubt you've ever heard, 
featuring somebody whose music you can't avoid hearing?


It'll all become clear, the moment you play the opening
track from Love's "False Start" album -  a song that
features none other than Jimi Hendrix on his fabled 
Strat and Crybaby wawa. Apparently, Jimi and Love's 
leader, Arthur Lee were friends, and Lee asked Jimi to 
play some guitar on "The Everlasting First".

In fact, Hendrix ended up arranging the song, as well.

When I hear this now, my mind drifts back to December,
1970, less than a year before Jimi passed away, when I
first heard this amazing song.

I'm still a bit tongue-tied by the overall performance, 
so why don't you have a look at this sign in my cottage,
before experiencing Hendrix anew.

Mozz the Elder

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