Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Classic Song 6 - Airwaves "You Are The New Day"

Let's talk about classic music.

And right now, I wanna talk about a classic, late 70s tune by
a couple of talented 'studio cats', collectively called Airwaves.

The song, "You Are The New Day" fell into my lap while I was 
playing and touring in a progressive rock band called Rhinegold,
featuring a very young Lawrence Gowan on vocals and piano.

At that time, most of my favorite music was lumped into either
the 'prog' or 'fusion' camps, and featured complex rhythms a la
Patrick Moraz' "The Story of I" or intricate instrumental blends 
a la Yes' "The Gates of Delirium". Was I a diehard fan of these
challenging genres of music?


So imagine my surprise and true wonder when I first heard the
opening chorale from "...New Day", which nestled softly and
reassuringly, deep inside my consciousness - and which has
resided there ever since.

Check out the song, after you check out this photo, taken in NYC.

Mozz the Elder


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