Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Classic Song 4 - Peter Sarstedt "Where Do You Go To My Lovely?"

Let's talk about classic music.

Music that exists in the margins of my addled memory.

Music that sounds as if it was recorded in another place, 
another time, with topical subject matter that one 
needs to research, in order to get the full 
effect of the lyrical message.

Music like Peter Sarstedt's singular hit,
"Where Do You Go To My Lovely", 
which was released way back in 1969 
and contains a circular song structure, 
as well as references to many 
popular figures and 
locations, around 
the world.

As a young teen, I was very impressed by the 
seeming worldliness of Sarstedt, as he sang 
about people and events that tantalized me.

Have a look at the grainy black and white video,
(which, unfortunately, ends before the final verse)
following my photo of something... 

I'm still not sure what it is.

Mozz the Elder


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