Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Classic Song 1 - King Crimson "Happy Family"

Let's talk about classic music.

Timeless music.

I mean, fucking GREAT, timeless music.
Not that shite that dominates the various sound 
and sight media we're limited to these days, but 
classic music that both defines an era 
AND transcends it.

King Crimson's "Happy Family" is what I call 
classic music. Recorded and released on Crimson's 
third album, Lizard, in 1970, Happy Family's music 
was written by their leader, guitarist and main 
composer, Robert Fripp, with astonishingly
topical and insightful verse by 
band lyricist, Pete Sinfield.

Have a listen, via the link, below the picture 
of a wall in Rome's Jewish Ghetto.

Tune in later when I bring you the next classic song.

Mozz the Elder


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  1. Lizard is one of my favourite KC albums, although all are exceptional. This, I believe, was the last KC album on which Fripp played acoustic guitar. Well worth finding and checking out.