Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Classic Song 2 - The Beatles "You Know My Name..."

Let's talk about classic music.

And by this, I don't mean 'Classic Rawk' 
or anything that Toronto's Q107 or any 
similar 'hits' station might playlist.

No offense to Kim and the crew at the Mighty Q.

I'm talking about unique, offbeat, classic music that 
exists because it HAS to; music that both entertains 
AND informs because it's rich in information and 
borrows from earlier works of audio art.

This time, let's talk about classic music by The Beatles.

Yeah, those Beatles.

I know I know... we've heard everything they ever did...
a million times at that, but I think the world at large missed the 
release of one of their most obscure, yet relevant masterpieces,
"You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)", written by
Paul and John and released as the B-side to "Let It Be".

Have a good listen, via the link below 
the photo of my pet seagull, Bill.

Mozz the Elder


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  1. Probably the only commercially available example of the Beatles' zany humour put to music. For many years, until the release of the Past Masters CD's, you were SOL if you didn't have the Let It Be single. One of my very favourite tracks by the Fabs.