Thursday, 24 March 2011

Classic Song 13 - Eric Burdon and The Animals "I Think It's Going To Rain Today"

Let's talk about classic music.

In my opinion, anything that Randy Newman wrote, back in the 60s
and early 70s, is most likely classic music, because he's a gifted, 
melodic genius of melody and simplicity of arrangement.

Even though I was tres bored by his Grammy winning song this year.

Back in '67, my brother Rod brought the "Eric Is Here" album home 
after work, and by the following weekend, I had the whole, 
damn thing memorized and internalized - for life.

Including this obscure gem of a tune.

 Both Eric and fellow singer, Harry Nilsson were recording 
and releasing tunes by Newman, at the time, and I revelled
in the discovery - song by song - of this new music that 
completely took my teenage mind over. Eric's version
of "I Think It's Going..." has such a 'period' sound,
it takes me right back to my bedroom in Castlegar:
spending hours with Rod's little Seabreeze stereo.

So check out Eric and his band of Animals, right 
after you check out these beautiful beasts,
feeding quietly at my cottage.....

Mozz the Elder

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