Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Classic Song 3 - The Mothers "Mud Shark"

Let's talk about classic music.

Music like pretty well anything and everything by Frank Zappa,
including this funny little excerpted nugget from The Mothers'
 astoundingly well played album, "Live at Fillmore East June 1971",
simply entitled "The Mud Shark".

The back story to this song is, apparently, true and hysterical.
Check out Wiki etc for your self, but I think it's safe to say,
this is CLASSIC music, folks!

The embedded video is further down, down, down this page,
after my curious pic of the temple site at Tulum, Mexico.

Mozz the Elder



  1. One of the first Zappa albums I heard (along with "Just Another Band From LA", both of which featured Flo and Eddie as vocalists. This version of the band isn't my favourite, although it is famous for being the band that was playing in Montreux, Switzerland, on Dec.4, 1971, when the theatre in which they were playing burned to the ground, thus becoming the inspiration for "Smoke on the Water". (Brilliant patrons set of fireworks in the theatre, causing the blaze.) Less than a week later, the band played the Rainbow Theatre in London. At the end of the show, a fan named Trevor Howells jumped onto the stage and pushed Frank off into the orchestra pit, some 10-12 feet below, because his girlfriend said she was in love with Frank. The fall severely broke Frank's leg and left him unconscious. Zappa was layed up for over a year, bringing an end to the Flo and Eddie band. Frank claimed the injury changed his singing voice and left him with one leg shorter than the other. This led Frank to write "... My right foot's bigger than my other one is, like a reg'lar zombie hoof.." in Zombie Woof, from the Over-nite Sensation album.

  2. And, on this day before the election, a reminder of one of Frank's mantras, "Don't forget (to register) to vote."