Thursday, 24 March 2011

Classic Song 14 - Mike Oldfield "Piltdown Man"

Let's talk about classic music.

Back in '73, I fashioned myself as a bit of a multi-instrumentalist.

My folks and my brother Gord had chipped in and bought me a
Teac 3340, open reel four track tape recorder (the first one in
western Canada, apparently), which I duly set up in the 
family rumpus room in the basement.

From that momentous moment on, I lost all contact with the world,
and spent what now seems like the rest of my teens, learning the
craft of engineering, playing and overdubbing and - if my voice
would only stop breaking - maybe singing a little bit, too.

Imagine my shock and awe, when I first heard the opening piano motif 
from Oldfield's debut LP, "Tubular Bells", which I didn't yet know, 
because I was too afraid to go see 'The Exorcist' at the local theater.

Imagine my reaction, when the piano motif morphed into some
of the most gorgeous, one-man multi-instrumental interplay and 
layering that I'd ever heard. Or maybe NEVER heard.

Oldfield had an ironic sense of humour, too.

The musical TB excerpt I've chosen is "Piltdown Man", 
Oldfield's raw and quite funny answer to his record boss' 
(a young Richard Branson) request for lyrics!

Have a good listen, but first have a good look at my birds.

Mozz the Elder

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