Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Classic Song 10 - Kensington Market "If It Is Love"

Let's talk about classic music.

When I was 12, my brother Ken hitch-hiked to Montreal to experience Expo 67.

Upon his return, he told me about this really cool band he'd heard there, named
Kensington Market. They were promoting their debut record called Avenue Road,
and Ken said he was mightily impressed with what he saw and heard.

A couple of years later, he bought a copy of their sophomore record, "Aardvark".
Naturally, I made that record MINE. I must have listened to the whole record a 
hundred times that year, imagining what it must be like to be grown up and
in real band like Kensington Market.

"If It Is Love" features a wonderful chorus that seems to build in intensity,
even though the instrumentation isn't augmented at all. Just the simple
addition of a double tracked lead vocal took me higher and higher...

...and that was at least a year before I first puffed the local herb.

Have a gander at this curious picture of a beach bunny,
then be sure and check out "If It Is Love".

Mozz the Elder

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