Monday, 28 March 2011

Classic Song 17 - Donovan "Wear Your Love Like Heaven"

Let's talk about classic music.

Continuing along the thread of love and love songs,
I can't think of a better tune to recommend for you
lovebirds than "Wear Your Love Like Heaven".

Released in 1967 as the lead-off single from Donovan's
UK double album, A Gift From a Flower To a Garden,
"Wear Your Love Like Heaven" gently leads you,
the listener, through a palette of lyrical references
to exotic colours, including Prussian Blue, 
Havana Lake and Rose Carmethene.

In my opinion, Donovan's huge influence on pop music has 
been overlooked or downplayed to a considerable degree, 
possibly because of his association with all things 'hippie'.

In reality, he (along with such 60s musical luminaries as 
Van Morrison and Stan Getz) fearlessly and seamlessly
wove disparate musical elements, such as jazz and pop, 
into his rich, sonic tapestries. Time will tell whether
his legacy is revealed to be as important as I feel
it is, but safe to say, Donovan's music has 
had a tremendous and lasting, positive 
effect on this old 'hippie'.

Here's "Wear Your Love Like Heaven", 
preceded by a perfect example of my
idea of Heaven: Positano, Italy.

Mozz the Elder

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