Monday, 11 April 2011

Update from Mozz the Elder - My pictures

Good morning.

The pictures I post on LTACM are from my vast collection,
assembled over the past twelve+ years. Most of my photos
have been taken on digital cameras (I've had four so far),
however some of my pix have recently been digitized.
From their original, weathered and scratched form,
I've transformed these mostly ancient, analog, 
visual documents into slightly skewed new 
digital masters, by re-photographing 
them and loading, fixing and 
storing them in my iPhoto.

Their presence on LTACM is my way of trying to balance
my passion for music with my passion for photography,
 which is my sure-fire antidote to the often overbearing, 
creative pressure that I feel, when confronted daily 
with new musical conundra, whose solutions
require complete focus and dogged ethic.

So have a gander at the picture in each LTACM post.
If you want to have a closer look at a photo, simply
click or double-click on its thumbnail and voila!

Mozz the Elder

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