Friday, 1 April 2011

Classic Song 20 - Genesis "Dancing With The Moonlit Knight"

Let's talk about classic music.

Genesis, Mark II (1971-1975) was comprised of Peter Gabriel, 
Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks and Steve Hackett.

I wasn't a fan or even aware of Genesis until early '74, after 
they'd released Selling England By The Pound (which 
for me is STILL their greatest collective work). 

From the moment I heard Gabriel croaking the now-famous
melodic question "Can you tell me where my freedom lies?",
during the introduction to "Dancing With...", I was a fan.

I still am.

Here's the time honoured, classic studio version of 
"Dancing With The Moonlit Knight", following
a recent picture of Old Man Moon over Toronto.

Mozz the Elder

Bonus alert! 

Here's a raw, live version of "Dancing With The Moonlit Knight",
featuring a very young Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins, not to 
mention guitarist Steve Hackett's visionary tapping,
pre Van Halen (starting at the 4 minute mark):

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