Thursday, 7 April 2011

Classic Song 23 - The Collectors "Lydia Purple"

Let's talk about classic music, folks. 

Rare, little known, but seminal, classic Canadian music.

Like The Collectors' second nationwide hit single, "Lydia Purple".

Released in 1968, as a followup to "Looking At A Baby", 
"Lydia..." totally captivated me and made me wanna grow 
up, real quick, move to Vancouver and be a tie-dyed in 
the wool hippie, somewhere down in Kitsilano.

In less than 2 minutes and fifty seconds, "Lydia Purple" paints
a fantastic picture of psychedelia, describing a young damsel
who 'lived in a steeple, tall by nature, coloured by people',
all the while, 'writing sonets daily, drinking apple tea'.

Needless to say, I became instantly hungry for, 
and fascinated by, all things 'Collectors'. 

You could say I became a Collectors collector.

Led by original lead singer, Howie Vickers, future Chilliwack
guitarist, Bill henderson and multi-instrumentalist, Claire 
Lawrence, The Collectors to me were easily as worldly 
and musically adventurous as The Moody Blues 
and as innovative, vocally as The Association 
or The Mamas and The Papas.

Except that they were Canadian! Just like little ol' me.

Check out two videos of "Lydia Purple": the first one displays
the rich album cover for their eponymous debut album, while
the second reveals vintage glimpses of both The Collectors
and Vancouver in the late 60s, when Fourth Avenue
 was the centre of the known hippie universe.

First, meditate, high up in the Mosby treehouse 
(circa 1970) with my big brother, Ken.

Mozz the Elder

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  1. Great song by a great band. I have recently updated the Collectors website with full biography, discography, handbills and rare photos. The link is