Friday, 8 April 2011

Classic Song 25 - Yes "Siberian Khatru"

Let's talk about one of my favourite classic songs.

Back when I was a 15 year old, devoted fan of Bruce 
Cockburn and his phenomenal acoustic guitar-tistry, 
I first heard the album Fragile by Yes (as recalled 
in my preamble to Classic Song 22). 

I wasn't ready for them. At all.

Two short years later, I was most definitely ready. 

When Andy Swetlishoff played "Roundabout" 
through his band's PA system, I was startled by 
what sounded like a clavinet, locked in unison 
with a roiling, boiling bassline. I exclaimed 
"Whoa! Cool unison bass/clavinet riff".

Andy duly corrected my mistaken impression,
saying "That's just the bass player, Mozz, 
rocking that line on a really, really 
trebly Rickenbacker bass".

I couldn't sleep that night. At all.

First thing the next day, I hightailed it to Trail,
where I bought Close To The Edge, Yes'
just-released LP. Once safely home in
the family living room, I quickly but 
gingerly pulled the vinyl from 
the one-square-foot jacket,
donned Rod's headphones
and dug into sides one
and two of the album 
that changed my life.

Here's the first cut from side two, "Siberian Khatru", 
featuring the classic Yes lineup: Jon Anderson,
Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman
and the truly unique Bill Bruford.

But first, here's a fuzzy ol' look at yours truly,
playing my heart out on my '72 Ricky 4001,
alongside Pat Bourke, during my tenure with 
Larry Gowan's legendary band, Rhinegold.

You shoulda heard MY sound!

Mozz the Elder

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  1. The pinnacle Yes album. The first album of long intricate songs, by anyone, that I was able to appreciate.