Thursday, 14 April 2011

Classic Song 28 - Max Webster "Lily"

Let's talk about a classic, yet highly underrated band.

Toronto's Max Webster, to be exact.

Formed in 1973 by guitarist/vocalist/composer, Kim Mitchell,
'Max' was an awesomely talented assemblage of musicians,
dedicated not only to the creation of timeless music, but 
also to its league of diehard, battle hardened fans 
who followed Kim and his merry cohorts 
anywhere...... and everywhere.

I know. I, myself was one of those fanatic fans.

I had the pleasure of seeing the initial Max Webster lineup,
including Mitchell, bassist Mike Tilka, gifted keyboardist,
Terry Watkinson and future bandmate, Paul Kersey on
drums. Having arrived in Toronto just after Max's
formation, and being perpetually out of work,
I tried to catch as many of their shows as
possible. Whether they were at Larry's 
Hideaway, The Gasworks, The Knob 
Hill or The Piccadilly Tube (all long
since shut down and relegated to
the dust of my memory banks),
Max Webster truly were a
fearless and fearsome 
band to behold.

Especially for a twenty year old kid from Castlegar.

Here's "Lily", a scintillating standout track from their 
debut album. Featuring words by band lyricist, 
Pye Dubois, "Lily" still sounds to me like a 
ballad that's been mashed up with a 
progressive rock rhythm section, 
yielding a sound that is at 
once pervasive, evasive 
and - iconically -
'Max Webster'.

Prior to playing the song, have a gander at a late 70s 
photo I found of Kim, pointing the way....

Mozz the Elder

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  1. I took that photograph of Kim Mitchel when Max Webster was playing The Club Annrene up on Scugog Island, May 17, 1980. It was a small club which held maybe a couple hundred people at the most. The stage was about six inches of the floor. Two weeks later I saw Max playing at the Oshawa Civic Auditorium.

    Dave Stone had taken over for Terry Watkinson by this point, having come over from Rictchie Blackmore's Rainbow. We sat around and shot the shit for about an hour after the Club Annrene gig and Dave got me a backstage pass for the Oshawa show.

    Great memories. No one rocked it like Max Webster.