Monday, 11 April 2011

Classic Song 26 - Seals and Crofts "Hummingbird"

Let's talk about a timeless, classic pop single.

The first time I heard Seals and Crofts was in 1970, 
when my brother Rod bought and played their 
earthy sophomore album, Down Home. 

Produced by John Simon, 
whose credits read like the who's
who of mid 60s - mid 70s recording artists,
Down Home catapulted me into the very complex
vocal and instrumental duality of Jimmy Seals 
(guitarist, vocalist and main composer) and 
Dash Crofts (mandolinist and vocalist).

I became a devoted fanatic of their music,
and searched high and low for any news
or new songs from the dynamic duo.

I soon found out that they were
followers of the Baha'i faith,
and re-read Seals' lyrics with a
slightly more contextual sense of
their import and meaning, both within
and without the song structures they were
married to. When their third album, Year of 
Sunday was released, I dove headlong into 
the new songs with a determined desire
to both memorize and - hopefully - 
understand their original
reasons for being.

Time passed...

The next thing I knew, 'twas the summer of '72.

Seals and Crofts released their fourth album, 
featuring the truly stunning lead-off single, 
"Summer Breeze". But it was the album's
first song on side one (and second single)
that totally knocked me off my big feet. 

Here's "Hummingbird" in two versions:
the first video features the single itself
(as well as the album cover artwork),
while the second blurry video shows
Seals and Crofts playing "Hummingbird"
for themselves and a small studio audience.

First, let's have a look at Peter Pigeon,
feathered native of Kinsale, Ireland 
(and master mason, apparently).

Mozz the Elder

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  1. Great song ... I also rate it above Summer Breeze. It is a bit harder to cover, but well worth the effort. That ending chord progression and crescendo are among the most glorious of pop/folk music.