Thursday, 7 April 2011

Classic Song 24 - Patrick Moraz "The Storm/Cachaca (Baiao)"

While fellow Yes warrior, Jon Anderson was slaving away
on Olias of Sunhillow (featuring Classic Song 19), Swiss 
big cheese keyboardist, Patrick Moraz was recording
one of his finest solo albums, "The Story of I".

Inspired by conversations with, and observations by Anderson, 
Moraz inventively created a concept album that still inspires
and challenges today, 35 years after its original release.

Moraz deftly blended disparate musical influences, 
including jazz, fusion, prog, classical and Brazilian 
music, yielding a complex and very moving sound 
that is still singular to Moraz - still very influential.

The album's storyline is basically fantastic in nature, 
yet the musical performances by not only Moraz, 
but Jeff Berlin, Ray Gomez and a troupe of 
top Brazilian percussionists are at once 
vital, visceral AND cerebral. 

For your consideration:

"The Storm/Cachaca (Baiao)".

But first, an image from my deep, dark past,
taken in the Mosby rumpus room in 1973
(notice the Teac 3340, open reel recorder).

Mozz the Elder

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  1. Hmmmmm? You like this? Irratic and unsettling, for me! 'They' used to say "neither fish nor fowl"!I certainly agree with your opening statements 100%, haven't heard it put better! Rhapsody in Blue (though not their composition) by Deodato, would be a possibility!