Thursday, 28 April 2011

Classic Song 38 - Fleetwood Mac "Albatross"

Let's talk about how one classic song influences another.

For instance, I've always noticed strong similarities
between The Beatles' "Sun King" and Fleetwood 
Mac's "Albatross", which was released as a 
single in January, 1969. That's about nine 
months before John, Paul, George and 
the luckiest drummer in history 
released Abbey Road.

I'm not saying that The Fab Four intentionally
copied some of the most identifiable aspects
of "Albatross", and refashioned them in
their own magical musical imagery, but 
it is certainly interesting to hear both 
songs, one after the other, as you now 
can, by checking out the two videos,
embedded at the end of today's blog.

Until the vocals begin in "Sun King", 
(at the 54 second mark) its instrumental 
intro shares the same key, the same two 
chord song structure and the same main 
guitar sound, played by Lennon (as an 
homage to Mac's mystical Peter Green?).

Have a look and listen to the two videos
and decide if you, too, are of the mind
 that The Beatles copied Fleetwood Mac.

I'm still trying to figure out whose visual style
 I ripped off, when I captured the following pic, 
during a spring 2009 Luv Shack getaway.

Mozz the Elder

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  1. This Fleetwood Mac fan page has a quote from George Harrison (source not given) that Albatross, with its reverb guitar, was the point of origin for Sun King:

    Two very cool tracks. BTW, great video clip of the classic Fleetwood Mac line-up