Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Classic Song 33 - Rush "Caravan"

Like any red blooded Canuck buck, I'm a big Rush fan.

My first TO band, Trina, was their next door neighbour at
Barry Cobus' rehearsal place in Ajax, during portions of
their late '74 to early '75 rehearsals with a still-new,
but highly exciting drummer named Neil Peart.

My first interaction with Geddy, Alex and Neil was when
I went down the hall to their big corner suite and politely
asked them to 'play a little bit quieter', because Trina
was working on a ballad named "Sail Away", and
every time we rehearsed our chorus reprise, all
we could hear was THEIR song's chorus and
instrumental section, pounding in an odd
time signature (most likely 7/4) through
the paper thin walls of Barry's place.

Seeing as I was the new guy in Trina (and a former
lifeguard at that), I was dispatched by my bandmates to
see if I could convince the Rushians to 'tone it down
a little'. I'll never forget Al, in answer to my request,
saying 'oh yeah, we'll definitely turn it down for ya'.

Of course, the moment I returned to Trina's unheated
hovel with the good news for my mates, Rush simply
picked up where they left off and drowned out any
attempt by our little assemblage to get 'all dainty'.

Trina broke up on March 15th, 1975, and our
original music never was heard from again.

Rush, on the other hand, persisted and resisted all attempts,
whether by bonehead former lifeguards, club owners,
booking agents, management and/or record company
cadavers to do any, single thing that ran counter to
THEIR vision of who they were or wanted to be.

I still consider the Rush story to be a personal life lesson.

Here's yet another astonishing piece of magic music
from one of the world's greatest ever progressive
rock bands. From their forthcoming album,
here's "Caravan" by Geddy, Al and Neil.

But first, have a glance at a few fuzzy pix,
taken during their amazing show in Hamilton.

A big, big thanks to my longtime bud,
Lorne 'Gump' Wheaton, for allowing
TJ and me to experience Rush's
awe-inspiring power and
precision - up close.


Mozz the Elder

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