Saturday, 16 April 2011

Classic Songs 31 + 32 - Edgar Winter "Fire and Ice" and "Peace Pipe"

For some years now, I've been searching for Youtube 
postings of songs from Edgar Winter's debut LP,
Entrance, which to me ranks way up near the 
top of my desert i-land iPhone play/wish list.
Until today, I've come up, empty-linked 
and frustrated at the thought that 
no-one else thought as much
about that album as I.

Well, imagine my surprise when my eyes spotted
the prize I've been striving and YT diving for:

2 video/song postings - from the same person -
popped up as results of my latest search. Both 
are now embedded here, along with my 
most hearty and heartfelt praise for 
this astonishing debut from
a young Edgar Winter.

I first heard the album in 1970. 

A pretty big year for music, 1970 was:

12 Songs (Randy Newman); Abraxas (Santana); 
Deja Vu(CSN&Y); Led Zeppelin III; 
New Morning (Bob Dylan); 
Moondance (Van Morrison); 
Lizard (King Crimson);
 Straight Life (Freddie Hubbard); 
My Goals Beyond (John McLaughlin);
Hello, I'm Johnny Cash, not to mention 
John, Paul and George's first solo albums, 
plus about a hundred or so more 
timeless, GREAT records.

Out of Edgar's fruitful mind (and somewhat 
overshadowed by the aforementioned list
of new releases) popped Entrance,
a still-fresh synthesis of jazz, blues,
pop, classical, improvisational
and truly sensational music,
featuring Edgar's multi-talents
on keyboards; saxes; percussion
and vocals. With the capable assistance
of his prodigious brother, Johnny, Edgar 
created and laid down - for all time - 
tracks that are still forward thinking
and dead-in-the-pocket.

A somewhat interesting tidbit, with respect to Entrance 
is that one of the songs (I believe it's "Hung Up")
contains a visceral, early reading of what would 
become the alternate instrumental riff that 
helped drive Winter's future hit, 
"Frankenstein" to the top of the 
airplay and sales charts, 
about two years later.

Here are video/audio clips for "Fire and Ice"
and "Peace Pipe", preceded by a couple
of pix that I thought you might like...

seeing as everything I'm doing today's in 'twos'.

Mozz the Elder

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