Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Mozz the Elder - Burnt Offering One

It's hump day, and I'm virtually sleepless,
having spent last evening with friends,
old and new in good old Hamilstone.

Firstly, I've had such great feedback about
LTACM, that I'm galvanized, energized
and intent upon exposing you to what
I consider to be great, timeless music. 

However, as much as I want to spend the 
night, waxing effusive about each 
great track in its minutiae, I'm 
completely and utterly 

As in speechless...

SO, with the above in mind, here's 
Burnt Offering One: a concise but
potent potpouri of classic music
that has my ears by the balls.

First up:

Premiata Forneria Marconi "Celebration"

Next up:

Mahavishnu Orchestra "Trilogy"

Now, here's ELP with a live rendition 
of "Promenade and The Gnome"

(it looks like Keith Emerson's 
wearing my old satin jacket)

Today's final Burnt Offering
is the classic studio version 
of Jethro Tull's "Fat Man"

Mozz the Elder


  1. Burnt, but clearly not fried.

  2. My first Tull album. Purchased on cassette on a band trip in Vancouver. Tape player ate the tape during the bus ride back home. A phenomenal album. Fat Man being just one several genres on the album. Bouree is another outstanding track. But, really, the whole album is killer. If you're only going to own one Jethro Tull album, I believe this is the one.