Monday, 25 April 2011

Classic Song 35 - Moby Grape "Murder In My Heart For The Judge"

Moby Grape was a San Francisco-based band that,
at the start of their career in the mid 60s, were 
touted by their label, Columbia Records, 
as being the 'next big thing'.

The Columbia honchos were so sure of their hunch,
they released five Moby Grape singles at once.

Needless to say, radio programmers were confused
as to which song or songs of the five they should
focus upon, resulting in the lack of concentrated 
airplay for nearly all of the singles, with the 
notable exception of "Hey Grandma" 
and fellow rocker, "Omaha".

Columbia Records' grand misstep nearly killed off
Moby Grape, one of the sixties' greatest multi guitar, 
multi vocal rock bands. Though they would go on to 
record and release a good number of powerful albums 
(including their sophomore effort, Wow/Grape Jam, 
featuring "Murder In My Heart..."), The Grape, 
as they were nicknamed, never recovered 
from their record company's mistake.

Chalk up yet another record company disaster,
albeit aided and abetted by various Grapes'
 addictions, predilections or mental states.

Here's "Murder In My Heart For The Judge",
featuring bassist/vocalist, Bob Mosely, along
with the epic, three-guitar assault of Peter 
Lewis, Jerry Miller and Canadian-born 
eccentric, Skip Spence.

But first, picture this.... taken from Pam's
and my suite in Rome's Inn on The Steps,
during our honeymoon, way back in 2002.

Mozz the Elder

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