Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Classic Song 43 - Paganini "Caprice No. 24"

Let's talk about classic music from 
a turn-of-the-century composer.

And by 'turn of the century', my little pretties, 
I mean the turn of the nineteenth century. 

The composer? Why, none other than Niccolo 
Paganini, who was certainly a proto-prog 
musician, if there ever was one. 

His astonishing violin virtuosity notwithstanding, 
he lived a life that we would today describe 
as that of a rock star, overindulging in sex, 
alcohol, drugs and serious, classical 
composition and concerts.

Before he descended into personal chaos and 
financial ruin, he graced the world with original 
music that was so far ahead of its time, many 
thought his more challenging works 
to be near-musical heresy.

Caprice No. 24 is the final caprice of his 
24 Caprices, and is one of the most famously 
difficult pieces ever written for violin soloists,
featuring a main theme, eleven astounding 
theme variations and a brief finale.

Performed by the great Jascha Heifetz 
(whose grandson is Danny Heifetz, 
drummer for Dieselhed and most 
notably, Mr. Bungle), here's a 
live performance, filmed in 
beautiful black and white,
following a picture, taken while 
I recorded with members of the 
Toronto Symphony Orchestra 
and other elite TO musicians.

I'm just a lucky guy.

Mozz the Elder


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