Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Classic Song 39 - The Woodshed Orchestra "Geddy Lee"

This just in...

So here I am, checking emails, and up pops a 
link from my buddy, Lorne 'Gump' Wheaton,
sending me to (a great Rush
fan ephemera site). Once there, I'm greeted by
a totally uplifting and heartening video/song
tribute to Rush, featuring former Rheostatic,
Dave Clark's The Woodshed Orchestra.

With lyrics like these,

Geddy Lee is a Canadian National Treasure
playing the bass in the greatest rock band 
All around the world people flock 
to see our Geddy Lee play
"Limelight" and 
"Twenty One Twelve"
and "Tom Sawyer"

"Geddy Lee"'s spontaneous klezmer arrangement
and uproarious 'live' recording and video duly
honour the man that, with his two buddies,
has changed the face of progressive rock.

The best part of this song and video is that 
the majority of the participant artists look
like they were born long after 2112 was
recorded, let alone Limelight and Tom
Sawyer. That's the most heartening
thing, to me, about "Geddy Lee".

The torch has been passed.

A new generation of Rush fans - 
inventive artists in their own right - 
have paid homage, and in shining
yet another bright spotlight on 
Messrs Lee, Lifeson and Peart,
they, too bask in the afterglow.

Congratulations to Dave Clark
and his Woodshed Orchestra
for making magic 
AND my day.

Here's "Geddy Lee",
(available in Spanish, 
German and Italian 
versions, too).

Mozz the Elder

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